Third generation restaurant owners
The Quattro Colonne restaurant at Cortiglione di Robella in the province of Asti offers traditional Piedmont-region cuisine in a cosy and friendly setting.

Our restaurant first opened in 1948 on the initiative of the family’s grandparents, Italia and Armando.
In 1986 their son Luigi took over together with his wife, Angela, an experienced cook who continued to use the recipes handed down from the grandmother. Since the 1990s, the couple have been able to count on the support of their
children, Renzo and Elena, who help carry on the family business with as much enthusiasm and passion.
Homegrown ingredients and vegetables
We are proud to offer traditional Piedmont-region cuisine, using local produce in our dishes whenever possible.
In our cooking we use good quality nutritious food and ingredients from small local producers.
Part of the vegetables we use comes directly from our very own kitchen garden . As for our speciality dishes, customers tell us that our fritto misto alla Piemontese, or mixed Piedmont fries, is one of the best of its kind in the whole area, north of Asti.
And we tend to agree, since many of our customers come back and eat with us time and time again, helping strengthen our reputation.
Our dishes change according to the food′s seasonal availability: pickled vegetables, Russian salad, local cured meats, classic Piedmont dishes (veal with tuna sauce, Monferrina raw meat, veal or beef tongue in green sauce (parsley, capers, egg yolk, anchovies, garlic), cotechino (Italian pork sausage) with potato purée, and more.
Homemade agnolotti piemontesi (small ravioli) with roast sauce or simply butter and sage, tagliolini pasta with various meat sauces and mushrooms, crepes (thin pancakes), lasagne and traditional risottos with mushrooms, Arneis wine or truffles, among others.
In addition to Piedmont fries, which can also be ordered as a single dish, such as bagna cŕuda (garlic, anchovies, olive oil), we prepare various roasts, duck breast, tender veal, chicken, young goat, mixed boiled meats and other specialties accompanied by seasonal side dishes.
To round off your lunch or dinner, we invite you to try our panna cotta (sweetened cream and jelly), the luxury bunet (chocolate crčme caramel with rum and amaretti biscuits), apple pie, hazelnut cake, typical festive season desserts and cakes, as well as many of the other typical Monferrato-area desserts.
Bar and garden
Our restaurant also has a bar and outdoor garden, making it a lovely place for small celebrations and events.
The bar is open daily and is the only remaining business in our small country village in the Monferrato hills.
Here you may have breakfast, an aperitif or drink a glass of our wine accompanied by some appetising local specialties.
A family-run business
  • Angela is our head cook

  • Luigi serves the bar

  • Renzo waits the tables

  • Elena is our assistant cook


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